Derrick Ivey

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Design Coach

How I Work

Clients are always in charge. It is my job to offer ideas and advice, but not to force clients to take my suggestions. I may propose bold moves or unexpected choices; indeed, I feel that I should. But my ultimate goal is for your home to reflect your tastes.

The process should be enjoyable. I like to form a relaxed relationship of mutual respect with clients and to maintain a playful sense of exploration and discovery. Whether designing and building a new home from the ground up or reinvigorating an old space -- it should be fun.

Everyone must be on the same page. I often participate in meetings between clients and architects, builders or fabricators. In addition to collaborating on the design, I can help clients to understand the plans, to ask the right questions, to communicate their desires, and to more clearly visualize what the end result will be. I have also consulted with landscape architects and landscapers in a similar fashion -- collaborating on both the design and the selection of hardscaping, plant material, architectural elements, and furnishings.

It is important to clearly see both the forest and the trees. Much of my work with clients involves the selection of interior and exterior colors, fixtures and surface materials; fabrics, furnishings and accessories; artwork; and custom-made pieces. The key to successful decision-making involves a constant shifting of focus from the big picture to the small details. I can help to remind you of your original vision, to keep the choices informed and cohesive, and to more easily bring these disparate elements together into a harmonious whole.

I am happy to shop with clients and to assist in finding contractors and craftspeople. However, I do not get involved in financial transactions between clients and vendors or service providers.

My rate for design coaching is $75 per hour.