Derrick Ivey

Design Coach

Portfolio: Rustic Elements

close up view of door texture

preliminary sketch

While working with David on the re-design of his home's interior, I also participated in meetings concerning design and construction of his adjacent enclosed garden.

For the area around his Endless Pool, David wanted a classic Italian feel. While his landscape architect had created a design that was indeed classic and formal, there was no hiding the fact that this was a new construction and featured a lot of stark white elements: chiefly the gleaming stucco walls and white-washed pergola. While vines will eventually cover both structures and soften this feeling of newness, we needed to bring in something of a rustic and aged feel right away.

When collaborating with many designers/technicians/installers on such a multi-faceted project, it can be difficult to say who contributed exactly which elements. In the interest of clarity, I can say that my main contributions were collaborating with David on the choice of the tumbled slate tile, creating the design of the tile pattern to resemble an ancient cobbled courtyard, and suggesting the initial design of the rustic gate.

Once David had agreed to the idea of a weathered gate with both wood and metal elements, I created a sketch for his approval and then located a local artisan who works largely from recycled materials. He built the gate with reclaimed lumber from the renovation of a local tobacco warehouse and gave the metal elements a rusted patina. We are all very pleased with the effect and look forward to the added sense of age which more mature plantings will bring to the garden over time.

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