Derrick Ivey

Design Coach

Portfolio: Quick Fix

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When he joined a new mental health practice, my client was faced with a short amount of time in which to redecorate his new pre-furnished office. The original room was rather stark and uninviting.

Working with a limited budget, we were challenged to create a more upscale and professional ambience. We also wanted the room to be comfortable and inviting enough for patient consultations while being neither fussy nor too personal.

We started by changing the lighting: simply turning off the fluorescent fixture and adding several lamps with warm-colored shades. Then we painted the walls a warm caramel color for less contrast with the exposed brick wall. Next we faced the front of the open desk with dark rattan to give weight and texture to the room, and to create a more commanding position for my client.

The area rug picks up the blues in the pre-existing furniture while introducing a range of browns into the mix. Keeping all the existing furniture, we added custom pillows and throws, and brought in a stately bookcase both for height and for a more professional appearance. For accessories, we took a cue from the brick wall and chose architectural pieces -- again creating an authoritative, handsome statement while not bringing in items which would be too personal.

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